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About Us

With 20 plus years of computer repair experience behind us, we strive to provide quality service at affordable prices. We support our customer’s computer needs with exceptional service that utilizes all our resources to ensure the utmost cost-effective options.

We stand by our integrity that guarantees reliability, respect and most of all results in acceptable solutions.
Hours of operation
604 .770 .1225
Monday - 8am - 5pm
Tuesday - 8am - 5pm
Wednesday - 8am - 5pm
Thursday - 8am - 5pm
Friday - 8am - 12 noon 
Saturday - 8am - 12 noon

Custom Builds

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I have been building custom PC's for many years above are several of my builds which i always complete within a few hours, Including Windows Installation. I charge flat rates for almost everything, My flat rate for simple builds is $65.00 . For more difficult builds my rate increases to $120.00.


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