Computer Diagnostic

Inspect all hardware and or Software

problems. Testing of computers hard drive

and memory. Full motherboard inspection,

Blow out all dust from fans.


Data Transfer

Transfer data from one device to another

Transfer data from one PC to Another

Transfer data from External to PC.

(We do not provide external device)

PRICE: $80.00

Computer Tune Up

Basic testing of hard drive and memory

Update all drivers, Update Windows,

Scan for Viruses (doesnt include removal)

Repair registry problems.

PRICE: $55.00

Data Recovery


Recover data from failing hard drive's

This process requires 5 - 7 Days.

There are no guarantee's of recovery.

PRICE: $150.00

Basic Hardware/Software

Installations of Power supplies

Installations of memory, Hard drives etc

Software installs IE Microsoft Office

Anti Virus Installations & Configuration.

PRICE: $25.00

Data Mirror

Mirror your current hard drive to a bigger

Hard drive or Solid State drive.

Great Backup Solution


PRICE: $80.00

Virus Removals

Basic testing of hard drive and memory.

Full Virus removal of all infections including

Spyware and other junk files. Update your

security and run a full scan.

PRICE: $80.00

Windows Installation

Basic testing of hard drive and memory.

Complete Installation of Windows with

basic software.

PRICE: $80.00

Basic Charge

Basic charge is for simple jobs!

On the spot quick repairs!

PRICE: $25.00

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